How to Influence People Using The Psychology of Persuasion

The ability to positively impact people is an important skill for everyone. While enforcing your authority may work with people who work directly under you, it will not work for those who do not. On the other hand, influence will help you indirectly manage and control both those who work for you and those who do not.

Influence is an art that is in every aspect of life. Therefore, this is relevant to you regardless of your vocation or the stage of your career—the principles for growing your influence are the same and apply to everyone. Regardless of what you do, you will need to influence peoples’ actions and attitudes, at least sometimes.

Ideas, they say, rule the world

This is very true—but it is equally true, and even truer, that influence rules the world. Regardless of how great your idea is, it will not go far without influence. So, I can rightly say that “behind every successful idea is the right influence.”

Without any doubt, it is good to have ideas, but it is also necessary to have influence. After all, what good is your idea if it could not affect the world the way that you want it to? Every person who has an idea, like you, wishes to see the idea become a positive reality.

It is a very frustrating experience when you see an idea that you have invested your time and resources in get little attention from your target audience. It is very painful for one’s efforts to be wasted. No one invests in an idea to see it come to naught. My book The Effective Art of Influence People was written to prevent this kind of frustration.

In short, this book is meant to show you how to influence people so that you can make your idea a home run. You do not have to force people to like your idea or do what you want— in fact, that is not a good way to market your idea! Instead, this book shows you exactly what you need to do to make your idea resonate with the right people.

Whether or not you believe it, everyone is business oriented

Everyone has something to sell. We sell all the time—we sell both tangible and intangible resources.  The same principles apply to both kinds of resources.

Your ability to carry people along is directly proportional to how well you can influence them. Do you have people working under you? You need to understand the power of influence. Are you working under someone? You will need influence to rise to the top.

Do you have a great idea that you think will benefit the world? You will certainly need influence to get your idea heard. And if you want to be a natural and productive leader, you must learn the science of influencing.

In my book The Effective Art Of Influence People, you will not only learn how to influence people, but also how to influence situations—though the difference is often very subtle. Sometimes, it is necessary to influence a situation, and other times, it is necessary to influence people.

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