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Discover the psychology that drives people to make decisions.

This book contains scientifically proven principles for being a more efficient person at all levels of life. Regardless of what you do, you must influence actions and people in order to achieve your personal or business goal. Influence is an art and it is vital in all facets of life. This book is therefore relevant to you regardless of your vocation or career level.

In this powerful guide, you will learn to control your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions to be more effective. But not only that, you will also discover how to control others.

When you finish reading this book you will be able to:

  • Improve your interpersonal skills
  • Get people to say yes
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Build or maintain trust
  • Control the internal game of sales
  • Eliminate the fear of rejection
  • Build unshakable self-esteem
  • Persuade and influence people to make decisions

The Effective Art of Influence People will help you increase your level of influence to get what you want from people and bring your business and personal life to the top of success.


  1. J.C. Gallo

    This book was highly informational. It talks about how business owners and leaders in general can influence those under them—not through extravagant criticism, but rather through encouragement. Mr. Dume does this wonderfully.I can see everyone finding something to gain through reading this book. Take an hour or two and read it. The teaching and lessons in here are invaluable.

  2. emperorofrome

    This book breaks down the basics of how to influence people. From what I read it is a lot of common sense of how to get people to like you then pitch a product in an appropriate manner. The language is simple and to the point. This is a short read so perfect for a daily commute. Definitely an interesting perspective which works well with other art of influencing books.

  3. Marlundra Harris

    As a newly published author, I struggled with cold sales, but after reading The Effective Art of Influence People, I have learned very useful tactics when interacting with other people and potentially customers. This book is a great asset to anyone looking to gain skills and knowledge to gain or enhance their marketing and persuasion skills.

  4. Roobah16

    Influencing people is such a wildly important skill specially with people online. Okay so there a hundred books about this, but I’d say what was cool about this is just how concise the message is. It’s a short book, so it makes the content more accessible.I was thinking to myself how I would describe this book in a simple way and what I came up with are the following sort of descriptions: a how to book, insightful, researched and concise.A few quotes that from the book that stood out for me:1.) I like this distinction: “Criticizing is finding fault in an idea, even if the idea’s owner does not specifically request your input. Critiquing is carefully examining an idea in order to give an honest opinion about it, and it is usually requested by the idea’s owner.”2.) Influence has a lot with being flexible and not rigid because when you really listen and honor people, people feel more inclined to what you want making you more influential in the long run. The author says, “Self-control is undoubtedly the most important asset you could possess if you want to greatly influence people.” Sometimes it’s key to hold back some.3.) This hit home for me, so clutch: “Get this: you do not have to influence everybody. Actually, you cannot influence everybody, so there is no need to waste time trying. Find the right people that will connect with your idea.”What gems did you guys find who read this book! Please share!

  5. jn752

    I loved the brevity and no-nonsense of this book. The author didn’t waste my time and that was so appreciated. Instead he went straight to the points. Yes, some of it I’ve heard before, but most of it I’d forgotten and hadn’t put into practice. Especially the parts about listening longer than you speak. All of that plus the newer info I hadn’t run across made this a winner for me.

  6. Ace

    I really liked this book, it has a lot of really useful quotes and insights into effective strategies anyone can use to achieve success in whatever area of life they desire. Some of my favorite quotes from this book are”Understand this, its easier to influence those who believe in your vision than those who do not. Therefore, do your best to connect with like minded people” Pg. 15″When you have the passion, you can awaken peoples desires to do what you want….passion arouses curiosity.” Pg. 27″Refuse the temptation to be arrogant. Tendering an apology requires strength, so only the strong can do it” Pg. 42″Nobody is influential overnight. Building your influence is like building your reputation.” Pg. 80″Avoid polarizing topics that are political or religious. This can negatively impact your influence” Pg. 117I highly recommend this book as it is full of amazing insights into how to build your reputation and increase your influence in both business and personal life. Quick read, gets right to the point.

  7. Dee

    The concepts in this book are articulated in a way that is easy to read without glossing over important details. This is a book that every business owner or person in a leadership role should read. Unlike many books in this genre that bog you down with case studies, Dume uses the art of storytelling to narrate his examples in a way that would resonate to people from all walks of life – regardless of the industry they’re in.Here’s are some quotes that resonated with me:Understand this: it is easier to influence people who believe in your vision than those who do not.Critique plays an important role in making progress. It is necessary to exchange feedback and ideas. However, criticism is never the solution. One can criticize from now until the end of time, and there still never be any improvement.Listening to others does not make you weak, nor does applying their opinions make you less influential or inferior.I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a quick yet substance-packed read about handling humans… and exercising influence over them.

  8. Bislorin

    Nothing here is new, but the way the concepts are expressed make them easy to be understood and implemented. Overall, I liked the presentation. I didn’t learn anything I wasn’t already aware of, but I did find myself thinking of new ways to implement some of those ideas. That alone makes the time invested in reading this book well worth it.

  9. CB

    This bite-sized intro for communicating in the digital age delivers the how-to succinctly. Dume’s use of believable examples makes its point. A must read for building strong personal relationships.

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